I’m good…… …

July 5, 2020

Comment posted Billiards Instruction with Samm Diep and Mike Fieldhammer 2 by J3nR.

i’m good……

J3nR also commented

  • this is extreme instruction? this is for kids from kids. you talk about how to chalk your cue tip in this? come on . give me a break. i have to go take an extreme dump.
  • This great. Samm is a sexy woman that plays pool and Mike is obviously a great player too. I could watch more. Even the pros know to always go back to the basics!
  • Keep in mind this is probably for people who don’t even know what end of the stick to use
  • Lol yea this is for ppl like me! lmao, I need sumone 2 break stuff down 4 me, I wanna get super good 2 beat the boys! ppl who say bad stuff about the instructions are juss jealous haters, I actually wud like them 2 break stuff down more! Thanks Samm n Mike 4 these videos, i’m trying 2 find and watch them all (^_^)
  • If you’re getting seriuos about pool, go buy an actual pool instuctional video— it’ll help you tons.

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