Then try to learn and practice types shots …

July 5, 2020

Comment posted Billiards Instruction with Samm Diep and Mike Fieldhammer 2 by bringinglove81.

then try to learn and practice types shots in order to impress the boys. pretty soon you will find out that you are in love with this game. and then i’ll see you on competitions

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  • this is extreme instruction? this is for kids from kids. you talk about how to chalk your cue tip in this? come on . give me a break. i have to go take an extreme dump.
  • This great. Samm is a sexy woman that plays pool and Mike is obviously a great player too. I could watch more. Even the pros know to always go back to the basics!
  • Keep in mind this is probably for people who don’t even know what end of the stick to use
  • Lol yea this is for ppl like me! lmao, I need sumone 2 break stuff down 4 me, I wanna get super good 2 beat the boys! ppl who say bad stuff about the instructions are juss jealous haters, I actually wud like them 2 break stuff down more! Thanks Samm n Mike 4 these videos, i’m trying 2 find and watch them all (^_^)
  • If you’re getting seriuos about pool, go buy an actual pool instuctional video— it’ll help you tons.

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