Ive watched alot of pro 9 ball, this …

July 5, 2020

Comment posted JoeRogan.net Playing Pool 2 by bicmyflic25.

ive watched alot of pro 9 ball, this guy hits them pretty damn solid! im jealous of that fucking setup though LOL!

bicmyflic25 also commented

  • The Kiss of Death!

    Nice commentary Max –

    and yes… I believe that the shirt does say “Stupid White Man”

    rotflmao !!!

    Nice shooting, Rogan!

  • Joe looks great over the ball. I can SEE he spent his fair share in the poolhall before Fear Factor or UFC.


  • thats either buffalo bill from silence of the lambs video taping or some random REALLLY REALLY stoned dude =D
  • Thats a damn nice setup Joe has there
  • so i’m guessing he about a 7 in apa maybe??

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