David Shelton – Shooting Pool

July 31, 2011

This video demonstrates 2 one handed shots and a 15 ball run.

lazaros P great master

July 20, 2011

grand master Lazaros P. gives billiard lessons

Short Masse, advanced pool shot, advanced pool technique, masse pool shot, masse billiards shots

July 9, 2011

Pool player Tom Sapp demonstrates the billiards technique called masse. A shot in billiards made by hitting the cue ball with the cue held nearly vertically; the cue ball spins around another ball before hitting the object ball. Pool lessons Wilmington nc 28412, more videos and lessons available at Billiards Lessons Wilmington NC www.BilliardsLessonsWIlmingtonNC.com

Noah pool lessons

July 5, 2011

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