Pool Lessons: Backspin

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In this video we Cheap Levitra show you how to do some backspin.

John Schmidt: 8th in the lesson series (One pocket shot)

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John kamagra Schmidt, (Mr. 400) Teaches a multi rail one pocket bank shot. The cool thing about this shot is that as John puts it: It’s as free as rain. Try it for yourself (and when it wins you some cash, Order Generic Levitra Online without Prescription don’t forget who brought this one to your purchase levitra online attention, lol.)

Master Academy Billiard Instruction School

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Master Academy of the Cueing Arts student Day One-Day Four www.billiardinstruction.com Cheap Viagra

Willie Smith Snooker Billiard Master lessons silent movie

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Willie Smith gives some advice on the correct way to play Billiards or Snooker sadly no sound just silent movie scripts to read,part one is basic technique, watch and learn!